Named as hydrated magnesium silicate [Mg3Si4O10(OH)2],talc is the mineral of which the hardness is the lowest in the world (Moh's hardness 1).
Talc is nontoxic, odourless, oleophilic and hydrophobic in a multi-layer structure and has outstanding chemical stability.
Talc is often associated with dolomite, magnesite and other minerals. Their proportions are a little differed in different origins.
The associated ores gift unique functions to talc in different applications.
Paint, coating, printing ink, paper making, rubber, foaming, plastics, agricultural film, lunch boxes, ceramic base and glaze, chemical fertilizer, feed, food and cosmetics.
TP-333 90.0±1.0 30 Coating,Paper,Fertilizer TDS  TDS TDS
TP-333A 90.0±1.0 20 Rubber,Coating TDS  TDS TDS
TP-555 90.0min 14 TDS  TDS TDS
TP-555A 90.0min 14 Rubber,Coating,Paper TDS  TDS TDS
TP-666 90.0min 10 Plastic, Paint, Rubber TDS  TDS TDS
TP-666A 91.0min 10 TDS  TDS TDS
TP-777 91.0min 6.5 Plastic,Paint,Foam TDS  TDS TDS
TP-777A 92min 6.5 TDS  TDS TDS
TP-888 92min 5.7 Plastic,Ink TDS  TDS TDS
TP-888A 92min 5.7 TDS  TDS TDS
TP-3000 93min 4.5 Nucleators,Ink,Chemical TDS  TDS TDS
TP-5000 93min 3.5 TDS  TDS TDS
TP-999 95min 2.7 TDS  TDS TDS
TP-999A 95min 2.7 TDS  TDS TDS

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